The zip is an accessory that is not only extremely useful and saves complications, but also has a good design which goes perfectly with shoes or elegant boots. Logically, the material should be the best possible quality, as this is the only way a refined style will be conveyed.

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Zips are definitely one of the most common boot accessories and they help give them a different and original look. That is why you will find zips for footwear which will suit a modern and elegant look in our catalogue.

At Manufacturas Ceimar we provide the option of incorporating quality details into shoes in order to ensure an impeccable look. We have decades of experience in the industry and that is why we work with the best materials on the market as well as qualified and professional staff, offering the best possible deals for shoe wholesalers.

It is easy to add a subtle touch to shoes with a plastic toothed zip. It makes them much easier to put on and take off, especially when feet swell up in the heat. The zips you will find in our catalogue are very durable. All our products are very good value for money, which is why we are considered to be such good suppliers in the industry. 

Change the regular look of an elegant shoe by using zips. Those who love small details will know how to identify the look of quality footwear. Additionally, the functionality of zips makes them an indispensable accessory for people whose age or weight causes them certain difficulties when putting on shoes. We are suppliers who specialise in wholesalers in order to offer good materials at the best price.

Turn to a specialised website such as ours to find the best zips on the market and ask any questions, no obligation.