Special eyelets

Special eyelets

If we look at different parts of the shoe, we will find special eyelets. They are near the regular eyelets, the holes which the laces enter through. This is why they are a crucial part of the shoe, both for their quality as well as their look.

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Finding shoes that are to customers’ tastes is not always easy, as they all follow very similar templates and it is difficult to stand out from the vast majority of footwear. This is why at Manufacturas Ceimar we work with wholesalers who are looking for durability and aesthetics in every part of the shoe. Thanks to the years that we have spent in the footwear industry, we can produce fully guaranteed shoe accessories.

Shoes play an essential role in people’s day-to-day lives, and can go from being distinctive to being a real nightmare (blisters, chafing, etc.) if quality materials are not used. In the case of special eyelets, they are located in a critical place, since they are directly involved with the laces and a bad configuration can affect the instep.

This is why quality shoe accessories are synonymous with success. On our website you can see all the special eyelets that we have in stock for wholesale. Our experience in the world of footwear, forged over several decades of working, puts us in the perfect position to advise those who are seeking the best for their shoes.

On both the aesthetic and functional level, shoes must be well taken care of down to the last detail, which is why the look and durability of footwear accessories cannot be overlooked. Contact us and we will give you more information.