Rings for shoes are one of the trimmings par excellence. The wide variety of models makes them be customisable for each person, and if you need advice, we have many years of experience working for wholesalers and we know exactly what the market can offer you.

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Customising shoes can be done in many ways. In the case of shoe rings, there are different types to suit market preferences.

Find the best rings in our shoe accessory catalogue. For each type of footwear we have different types of rings: square, round, oval, picket, double or triangular.

Manufacturas Ceimar specialises in shoe accessories and that is why we are able to guarantee great quality products and unbeatable customer service. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to advise on the wholesale of rings for shoes as well as any other item that is related to the world of footwear.

Thanks to the selection of rings we have made available to you, you will have more customisation options. You can turn footwear into a unique piece through quality accessories that fit like a glove. We have extensive experience in the industry and that is why you will only find the best products here.

There are certainly many people who notice the appearance of clothes, so the wholesalers we work with know that shoe rings are the perfect subtle touch. Browse our website and you will find many ways to give your footwear a distinguishing touch.

With very competitive prices and unquestionable quality, on our website we only offer the best rings on the market so that your shoes have a clean and elegant look. Ask us without any obligation!