Eyelets are a shoe accessory that add a distinguished and elegant touch. Logically, it is important to turn to a specialised company like ours in order to access high-quality materials at competitive wholesale prices.

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Thanks to decades specialising in the industry, we can offer the best metal eyelets on the market. We provide you with top level footwear accessories.

From our experience in the footwear industry we have developed optimised processes that allow us to have a catalogue with the best value for money in the industry. We have specialised staff who know how to work with diligence and precision, who work in combination with advanced machinery to produce footwear accessories in the best possible way.

We ensure that we comply with current regulations and that all accessories are made correctly to ensure durability. We want to help improve the look of your footwear through small details which can make a difference to wholesalers. We like to make our own small contribution to footwear fashion and eyelets are the perfect accessory to do so.

You will find a wide range of eyelets in the online catalogue which will help you to buy in bulk. The eyelets have a polished look that will attract the attention of those who notice every detail.

Thanks to our specialisation in the industry, at Manufacturas Ceimar we have the widest stock available to wholesalers that you can find. The aim of the company is to provide the customer with a quality service, and that is why you can order in bulk without compromising on quality.

In case you have any questions when browsing our catalogue, contact us without obligation and we will respond. We 100% guarantee that you will be able to access the best accessories on the market.