Within the vast range in our catalogue you will find shiny, covered, Zamak and plated buckles. All of them are the highest possible quality because we always take care of everything down to the last detail.

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Among the wide variety of shoe buckles on the market, here you will find the best quality at competitive prices for wholesalers, because we believe that money should not limit elegance. 

Footwear can be given a special touch with all types of buckles. We have a wide variety of models for wholesale on our website. If you need help deciding on a buckle or anything else, you can turn to our expert advice which is the result of several decades in the sector. Find which is most suitable in an online catalogue designed for footwear wholesalers.

Looking for cheap shoe buckles? At Manufacturas Ceimar we have quality products at the best price, so you will not have to make a big investment on larger orders. Sometimes, a small detail like a buckle can make a difference and open up a wide range of possibilities in the world of footwear.

As we specialise in selling buckles, we can advise you when it comes to buying wholesale accessories that suit your tastes. We are accustomed to innovating small details, and that is why our professionals are always seeking to produce shoe buckles with a touch of distinction.

It is not always easy to decide between metal and plastic buckles, so the best thing to do is consult a specialised website like ours, where we will inform you, with no obligation, so you can purchase large orders of buckles at the best price.